your burning questions - answered!

Who are you?

Krystelle is a Pastry Chef and an alumni of NAIT. She has been the Pastry Chef of Whisk Bakeshop and Coffeehouse. During the pandemic, she has honed her skills by taking orders and baking from home – which you would recognize as Flavaco in her Instagram handle. Her expertise greatly lies on creating desserts that are light, fresh and fun. And if you want to know a secret, she has a knack for baking breads.

Camille is a Nurse by profession but her love for coffee and cafes has grown over the years. She loves art and travel, so she is always on the hunt to check out new cafes and in search of great coffee. She is our creative manger and you will be seeing her in our Front of House most of the time. Don’t hesitate to say hi!

Who is Carmela?

Our name is dedicated to our beloved sister – Carmela – who joined the heavens due to the pandemic. To commemorate her passing, we have dedicated our name to her. Carmela is our middle sibling, who we are proud to say was born with Down’s Syndrome. We are definitely going to bring exciting things in our cafe in the coming years during World Down Syndrom Day – March 21 – to continue in honouring and spreading awareness.

Where do you get your pastries?

Our customers are sometimes surprised to hear that all of our pastries are made IN HOUSE! That’s right, our bakers are hard at work behind those double doors creating the delicious treats you’re enjoying with your coffee and tea.

Can I pre-order baking?

If you’re looking for a larger quantity of something that we offer here at the bakeshop, we would be happy to help you. Please call us at 780.458.2922 and we’ll figure something out!

Do you offer Gluten Free or Vegan options?

At this time, we are not offering vegan options but do have our French macarons which are gluten-free.  Due to specialty ingredient costs, it has become unsustainable for us to offer vegan and GF options.  We hope to bring them back in the future!